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Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI) award for our medical artwork

Illustration of head anatomy

I’m super excited to announce that one of our illustration series has won a Silver IMI award in last year’s Manchester conference. View some of the other entries here.

I was not expecting such a positive response and support from my colleagues and the school. I did a small interview that’s available for you to read on the University of Dundee Medical School website.



In brief I’m happy to say that all the digital illustrations created, such as the head series above, are released on a creative commons license that allows for free educational use. We want to encourage others to use our resources too. Check them out:




Interactive 3D Ear Model Using Sketchfab

I’m very excited to share with you something that I’ve been working on during the winter months here at TILT, an interactive 3D model of the anatomy of the inner ear.

This interactive is part of a larger project that includes a series of illustrations depicting the anatomy of the ear. Stay tuned for those images on the blog in the upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, go on, have a click and a spin around: 

Anatomy of the Inner Ear
by University of Dundee School of Medicine
on Sketchfab


About this model

Certain aspects of this model were created from segmented MRI data*, making this a highly accurate representation of the tympanic membrane, facial nerve, ossicles and vestibular system.

This work “Anatomy of the Inner Ear”, is a derivative of “3D Ear” by W. Robert J. Funnell, PhD; Sam Daniel, MD, CM; and Daren Nicolson, MD, CM at McGill University, used under CC BY-NC-SA 1.0. “Anatomy of the Inner Ear” is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

You are free to copy, reuse and remix this for non-commercial purposes but we ask that you acknowledge the University of Dundee as well as publish any remixed work under the same share-alike license as the original authors.

*The vestibulocochlear nerve was not derived from MRI data, however heavily referenced.

You can locate the segmented MRI data from the following: http://audilab.bmed.mcgill.ca/~daren/3Dear/index.html

The original MRI dataset can be found in the following location: http://cbaweb2.med.unc.edu/henson_mrm/


Embed it onto your website

You can embed the above interactive onto your website as well. Follow this link to our TILT Sketchfab account and click on the Share button. To embed, simply click on </> GET EMBED CODE then just copy and paste it into your code or wordpress site.


Follow us on Sketchfab

That’s right we now have a TILT account on Sketchfab. Come connect with us, it’s great for us to see what projects you are doing as well.

Thanks for looking!