GRAPHIC DESIGN: Professionalism Poster Project


Project title: Professionalism Poster Design
Project Sponsors: Fiona Muir, Senior Lecturer in Medical Education, and Jordan Napier, Quality Assurance Coordinator
TILT designer: Annie Campbell, Medical Artist
Photographer: Emma Alexander, Media Services


Our objective for this project was to produce a large poster that showcases the motto of professionalism in the healthcare field and undergraduate medical programme.

Professionalism is assessed in many ways throughout the undergraduate programme. Both formal (summative) and informal (formative) assessments of professionalism are carried out to ensure all graduates have met the standards outlined by the GMC.

Staff who observe students display particularly good, or perhaps, unsatisfactory professional behaviour can report this to the Medical School by using the Green and Yellow Cards respectively. This system is in place to ensure aspects of professionalism displayed in the clinical setting are adequately reported to the Medical School

More encouragement is needed for staff to utilize the reporting system. The result would provide a tracking method that can help support and/or reward students.


Our Process:



1. Referring to already created written content on MBChB, we developed a text draft of the content that would be included in the poster. As part of round 1 of review, we also placed the draft text into a grayscale poster layout.


2. In round 2 we finalised the text and began to place in visual content. We also introduced colour that kept consistent with the University’s branding.


3. Minor adjustments and additions were made and the final product was ready for print.

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